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Run, run, run is all I seem to do.

Run from it all.

Run from everyone.

Run with no where to go.

Run with no plan.

Run with no one.

Run to you not from you is what I ultimately want to do.

Run from you is a mistake I make.

Run to your open arms.

Run to your warm embrace.

Run to your kiss on my forehead.

Run to you not from you.

Run, run, run is all I seem to do.

Run from pain.

Run from hurting the ones I love.

Run from feeling anything at all.

Run from fear.

Run from joy.

Run from so much good.

Run; I’m done!

Run one way.

Run the right way.

Run to you is what I must do now.

Run to you once again.

Run with blind faith.

Run, you’ve got my back.

Run together.

Run in love.

Run, run, run is all I seem to do.

Picture just for fun ❤️ Crystal Creek Reservoir Pikes Peak North Slope Recreation Area. I thought I saw a Big Foot creeping around there 😉

You Didn’ Know

No one but her knew.

She should have known.

Why would you know?

You didn’t know.

The shame.

The guilt.

The pain.

The one who knew didn’t seem to care?

Would you have cared?

What would you have done?

Would you have saved me?

I was told, “What happens in these four walls, stays in these four walls”.

An abusers silencing line.


“I love you.”

“Be a good girl.”

“Rub my back.”

“Pop this.”

A “nap” he called it.

“We all have to live here.”

“Stop causing trouble.”

“Drama queen!”

“Stop your crying.”

“Man up!”

“You fat bitch!”

“…lose 10 ugly pounds…”

“…just cut your head off.”



“Dumb blonde.”


Mock me.

Laugh at me.

Groom me.

Trust you.

Use me.




No one hears a thing.







You didn’t know.