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2020 closes

As 2020 closes I am looking back at a lot of hard and a lot of good.

This year has been a strange one for sure. It’s been one that has been full of tears, sorrow, sadness, and yes some very happy moments.

2020 has led me to proper diagnosis and care. It has been one of still learning and growing. The biggest thing I’ve done is figure out that I need to let people love me.

I’ve also conquered many fears. I drove to Pikes Peak, twice. I also crossed suspension bridges, suspended 60ft above the base of the trees, on the side of a mountain. I also had to take a ski-lift to the top of that mountain.

2020 has been full of let downs too. It’s been full of things I didn’t understand. It’s been full of tears, smiles, heart ache, life, and love.

2020 I wish I could say doing you again would be nice because this was the first year I celebrated my birthday out of the house. It was the first year I got to attend bridal shows…all of it abruptly coming to a halt.

2020 you have not been fun. Goodbye 2020. Here’s to hoping 2021 is better.


Landscape it Away…

11 Word Note to Myself

Remember the struggle is real, but your “reality” may not be.

Macadamia Nutella Gluten Free Brownies

Macadamia Nutella Brownies
using the “Brownies 100 Ways” recipe
Courtesy of Tasty Dessert

The very first recipe in the Tasty Dessert cookbook is for brownies 100 ways. I won’t give you the recipe but I will tell you we chose two “mix-ins”, macadamia nuts and Nutella. Yum!

I substituted gluten free all purpose flour that I picked up at Costco, if you can’t get it at Costco you can find it here, Namaste Perfect Flour Blend. It’s the best I’ve ever used! It claimed to be 1-to-1 substitutes for regular all purpose flour and that’s exactly what I did. They baked up exactly like traditional brownies and the taste was absolutely the same! Actually this brownie was better then any brownie I’ve had recently!!!

Followed the recipe substituting Namaste GF flour. Mixed in chapped macadamia nuts and Nutella.

They’re in the oven.

The first recipe in the Tasty Dessert cookbook (Purchase here) is Brownies 100 ways. This recipe is easy to follow and straight forward.

As I am needing to be as free from gluten as I can be to help my autoimmune conditions calm down, I substituted gluten free all purpose flour. I’m not strictly GF although I probably should be. Eating GF is new to me, again.

I took a break from it for so long. To expensive, the only one out of four who needs it, learning to cook and bake this way all over again will hopefully be worth it.

Although this recipe calls for regular all purpose flour, I substituted one-for-one GF flour that I purchased today at Costco. I cannot wait to try them and let you know how they are.

We followed the recipe and picked to “mix-ins”. I usually never follow the recipe to a T but today I did just for accurate results.

They have about 30 more minutes of baking time and 2 hours to cool. So check back later for the results and a list of the products I used and where you can purchase them affordably.

Tasty Dessert Cookbook

Quarantine break

Today was a beautiful 60 degree day and our state parks and wildlife areas are open, so we decided that a little out door social distancing was in need. We took trip to see the bison and to do some walking and fishing. Photography is such a great way to heal. Being in nature is my peace.