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I Am Me

I am me

I am not them.

I am me

I am not them.

I am me,

I am not them.

I am me,

I am not them.

I am me,





Go out For






Whatever it is you need.

Election Day is upon us.

A victory to be declared.

Sound the alarm.

The war has begun.

A prediction none headed.


Unhinged they said.

Paranoid they claimed.

My visions.

My messages.

My words.

All being said by others now.

A civil war is among us.

Go out for

Whatever you need.

Tomorrow is uncertain for

The devils cry

Wages war tomorrow eve.


Fuck it all!

That’s how I’m feeling today.

Fuck it all!

I have no filter.

Who the fuck cares?

I have no filter.

Fuck rape!

Fuck unwanted touch!

Fuck white men of power!

Fuck it all!

I’m so fucking over this country!

Fuck it all!

Legalize sex with children so it can’t be a crime.

What the fuck?

Seriously are you fucking kidding me?

Why are we even entertaining this?

Fuck it all!

A president…

Fuck him!

Fuck it all!

The Swear Word

That word.

That one five letter word.

A word meant to identify,

Now a swear word.

An unfortunate series of events to make it that way.

That five letter word is a beautiful word.

A five letter word passed down.

That five letter not a swear wird to you.

They made it that way to me though.

That five letter word.


Not Only

Last night I actually slept.

Not only did I sleep I dreamt.

No only did I dream I remembered my dream.

Not only did I remember my dream, I awoke with a smile.

Whoever said, “sleep is overrated”, has never walked a day in my shoes.

Sleep is not “overrated” it’s a beautiful wonderful thing, when it doesn’t torture you.

How come?

How come?

How can I see that others deserve it?

How can I not think I do?

How can it not be okay for someone else to go through but okay for me?

How can I not see that what I would fight for someone else for I myself am worthy of?

How come I was not only shown but told that I wasn’t worth my basic rights?

How come I’m failure?

How come I’m a loser?

How come I’ll never be anything more than, “a lazy fat bitch”?

How come?

I took this picture a while ago. It seems fitting for this though.


Run, run, run is all I seem to do.

Run from it all.

Run from everyone.

Run with no where to go.

Run with no plan.

Run with no one.

Run to you not from you is what I ultimately want to do.

Run from you is a mistake I make.

Run to your open arms.

Run to your warm embrace.

Run to your kiss on my forehead.

Run to you not from you.

Run, run, run is all I seem to do.

Run from pain.

Run from hurting the ones I love.

Run from feeling anything at all.

Run from fear.

Run from joy.

Run from so much good.

Run; I’m done!

Run one way.

Run the right way.

Run to you is what I must do now.

Run to you once again.

Run with blind faith.

Run, you’ve got my back.

Run together.

Run in love.

Run, run, run is all I seem to do.

Picture just for fun ❤️ Crystal Creek Reservoir Pikes Peak North Slope Recreation Area. I thought I saw a Big Foot creeping around there 😉