2020 closes

As 2020 closes I am looking back at a lot of hard and a lot of good.

This year has been a strange one for sure. It’s been one that has been full of tears, sorrow, sadness, and yes some very happy moments.

2020 has led me to proper diagnosis and care. It has been one of still learning and growing. The biggest thing I’ve done is figure out that I need to let people love me.

I’ve also conquered many fears. I drove to Pikes Peak, twice. I also crossed suspension bridges, suspended 60ft above the base of the trees, on the side of a mountain. I also had to take a ski-lift to the top of that mountain.

2020 has been full of let downs too. It’s been full of things I didn’t understand. It’s been full of tears, smiles, heart ache, life, and love.

2020 I wish I could say doing you again would be nice because this was the first year I celebrated my birthday out of the house. It was the first year I got to attend bridal shows…all of it abruptly coming to a halt.

2020 you have not been fun. Goodbye 2020. Here’s to hoping 2021 is better.


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