Forget it…

I am no good when I am rushing that is for sure. Forget my mask which lets be honest at this point if we’re forgetting our mask it’s like forgetting to put a shirt on and leaving the house. Now we’re trying to hunt one down or I cannot go inside anywhere.

Forget my sunglasses and we’re going to be outside and it’s not like I can just buy another pair, they’re prescription.

No meal replacement because I’ve been so busy, sick and tired that I’ve neglected our bathroom, it really needed to be cleaned. 4 hours and several breaks to elevate my legs, because of those leaky veins…no clean glasses. I’m autistic my routine is important, no meal replacement really throws me off.

I’m not driving today so I’m not in control. I’m not in my car. I have masks in there. I have my sun glasses in there. I am so thrown off by this not driving thing. It seems like something I do so much of that it’s part of my routine, and I’m really thrown off when I’m not the one driving. It’s like my control is taken away, when it’s really just a disruption in my routine.

Today I was rushing. Today I forgot a lot of things at home; my mask, my sunglasses, but not my cash. That’s the real problem here is that I was so excited to finally have some spending cash that I actually couldn’t focus on anything else.

Oh well, the day goes on. It’s just the love and I for a few hours today so to 2 Old Goats in Cedar Lake.

My love saves the day with finding a mask to match my outfit.

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