With tears in my eyes I snap my #redlipsforBernie snapshot today.

Why my tears?

Because as the female child I was held back and kept down. My intelligence a threat and vague answer to questions like “Why do planes fly? What keeps them in the air?”…the answers never good enough for me, “because the jet fuel is hotter than the air and it allows them to take off and stay in the air” I was told.

So my tears because once again I feel stupid because that is “simplest answer to give”. And here I am at 35 sitting on the floor wondering why I am so stupid that I don’t know how “lift” works and even my 16 year old can eloquently explain how and airplane is able to fly and stay in the air.

Me a question I’ve wanted for so long and never really cared about it until an electric plane was brought up and I didn’t understand how that could possibly even work.

This happens so much. My childhood including my education was robbed from me by the very people who should’ve have helped me grow, thrive, and achieve. But if they did that I wouldn’t be around to take care of them, well guess what I still am not around to take care of them. Just now I have no way of caring for myself.

I feel so defeated sometimes.

Me and my “aerotears”

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