I asked my youngest son what we should have with the chicken tonight and he told me, “carrots and potatoes”.

I found organic rainbow carrots which at that point I decided I needed to make a colorful dinner. If you know me you know that I am a very picky eater and I don’t typically go for veggies.

I am trying to be a better version of me and find myself along the way. I want to be healthy and live a longe healthy life, so I decided to try a bunch of veggies tonight. I loved my creation.

I love to cook so I usually just get creative. I like to think of my kitchen a never ending episode of Chopped.

While at the store I decided to grab the produce for tomorrow night as well. Tonight we had chicken with roasted Little Potato Company potatoes, onion, organic rainbow carrots, yellow squash, and various seasonings.

Tomorrow curry…yum❣️

2 thoughts on “Yum

  1. I remember when I tried curry with you guys and I hardly have veggies with dinner I do corn but about it..but did green beans with Eva other night..she loves green beans..and I love those peppers..lol..mmm..yes your too good of a cook need to make your own cookbook for moms whom don’t like cooking but maybe sometimes just like to once in awhile know what I mean..I mean lord from your cupcakes to the main meal heck yeah I’d get that cookbook!!! But well idk if I’d still make it right lol..always thought you should go on ” cupcake wars..!!! That is a hectic show but you could do lots of cupcakes in amount of time they have you do..yes I mean have to scramble and stuff but hey real life we are scrambling too right..always..so we do it in our cooking too I guess in ways and whatever comes to it comes to of it..lol..but hands down to you I love all your food!!! I’m never picky..lol..

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