Just call me

User, loser, lazy, crazy, whatever you want it’s all true anyway.

1 thought on “Just call me

  1. These words aren’t true..at all and you know it..I know it..we hardly ask much of the people we are with ever..but for them to say sometimes if we sre using them or this or that is beyond me..or if we are lazy..I get called that too..well excuse me I do clean I pick 1 day outta week where I clean vaccum house and yes I do it every week..and then sometimes though I forget to dust OMG..have an attack..not like can barely see it as if were living on gravel roads then we’ll I’d have to dust everyday..lol been there..lol..but men or anyone want to feel bigger by name calling and it SUCKS..cause it fucking hurts..and it sticks to our insides like gum or glue..and we live with that for years and years..and when we do fall in love again with someone ” REAL” they think the world of is say we are beautiful gorgeous and actually lets us feel what we never felt..so question then is how after so long do you really let them love you after feeling like you’ve been used and the person getting called names and everything..? How do you accept the love of a man that is taking his time has been patient and loves all of you cause well I mean me I’m still trying to also know that..but you honey those words are not you and you are loved and appreciated by all means I appreciate you whenever wr hang out and we do things and I mean its the little things and it excites me being out with u or just near u cause we sre alike and I love hanging with you so it saddens me to the bone how this little sentence makes you feel and it makes me feel sad but it must make you feel worse inside..wish I could help take away those dirty thoughts …I loves ya…


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