Homelessness and hunger

Homelessness comes in many different forms and is often a result of a mental or physical illness, veterans, women and children escaping violence, or displaced youth who are choosing to ‘couch surf’ from one friend or relatives house to another to escape the unsafe environment that their “home” is.

Hunger is no stranger to these people or others who our society has forgotten about. You see hunger is real not just for the homeless, but for so many. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and you have to work more than 2 hours to buy a pack of ground beef now, so Americans are faced with the choice of roof or food; this is not fair and causes lifelong psychological and physical health problems for the children and people who live this way.

The homeless and displaced youth or adults are cold, hot, hungry, uncomfortable every single day all because of our capitalistic society and the idea that we should just “work harder”, but literally how much harder can people work when they are 16 and working 40 hours a week for $7.50/hour and going to high school or college or raising a family? Are they supposed to work 100 hours a week? Nope!

I have a fun statistic for you 40-60% of all homeless work. Let that sink in for a minute, 40-60% of all homeless people work. Now if you go searching you’ll find some people say 29% , but if you go with the theory of, “that’s because the counts of the homeless are done at inconvenient times and overlook so many of the homeless population”, then the estimates are more like 40-60% have a job. These numbers do not reflect how many people actually receive social security, retirement, unemployment, pensions, or any form of income.

Another fun fact, if a woman begins to live with someone who she is not married to and she doesn’t pay rent, and needs to have SNAP benefits, she is marked as homeless and in the state of Indiana benefits reduced to $100 a month. For some people that means a loss of $404 or more a month to still feed herself, her kids, provide all their own living stuff and food. This happens regardless how much money the other person in the house makes. This causes people to literally become homeless.

These statistics are unreal! Like it’s totally ridiculous that we have these kinds of numbers when we have more empty homes than we do homeless people all together in this country. How come we can’t see that, that is in fact the problem here. That banks and corporate greed have taken over everything. Things keep going up in price and the wages stay stagnant and remain the same. No wonder people don’t stand a chance.

Now let me throw another disheartening fact at you, most of the homes less community is black. Most homeless are black and that is because…well I need you to hear me loud and clear on this one okay? You ready…we never gave them anything anyway.

We set the “free” and said, “good luck!” It’s terrible we gave black people “freedom” (which if you ask me they are not free just because they can vote), but gave them nothing to start their lives and expected them to somehow thrive in this dog-eat-dog type society we live in. Speaking as a white woman born into the very system and class that most black people live in and on in this country I know the system isn’t designed to help you become free of it some day, it’s set-up to make you rely on it forever and always.

The government likes to play the part of the “hero” when it comes to things like “public assistance” and make it sound like it so readily available, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is SNAP and TANF and other resources were never meant to be permanent unless the person absolutely needed permanent help.

The “system” was intended to help people, primarily black at the time it was instituted to get a “leg up” and a “fresh start”, but we as white monsters have done in this country is, paint everyone who needs a little assistance to make it in this cut-throat I don’t care if you survive as long as I do type society that we are living as lazy or incompetent or less than is some way just because they need a little help. We’ve also made it to where as soon as they get a job we take it all away and they don’t have a chance to establish…which all brings me back to $7.25/hr is not enough for anyone to live on, and UBI is needed (stay-at-home-moms you should all be in favor of UBI, you’d actually get paid to raise your family oh and dad would get paid paternity leave and get to help with the family too).

Homelessness and hunger are two things I am all to familiar with. I was a displaced youth choosing to be at this friends or that friends house in order to avoid the toxic environment I was in at that time. I mean it was better than being alone, bullied, hungry, ignored, touched, or whatever the case may be.

I know hunger because there was always food insecurity in my home. Most of the food I ate was from food pantries and pantries of the 90’s weren’t what they are now. You didn’t get milk or meat or anything like that. It usually was only a week supply and you could only go once or twice a month.

I always figure someone should do something about this problem, well I am someone and so are you, so let’s do this together.

I love being the hands and feet of Jesus and walking and talking getting to know these people. It’s a joy and an honor. These are some of the kindest and caring people you can ever want to meet. Some of them will break your heart. Some of them are to ashamed to accept any form of help.

So if going out and meeting with the homeless and serving them directly isn’t for you but you want to help please feel free to message me. If you’d like to take part in the Christmas In July Craft/Vendor Virtual Fair Fundraiser then please join us.

All proceeds from the vendor entry fees go to helping the homeless. Maybe you’re not a vendor but a shopper please make sure you join us! I will be having a 50/50 Cash Prize (via CashApp or Zelle). I will have so many raffles going on; jewelers, gift cards, purses, makeup, and more so click the link above and don’t miss out.

Any purchases made from my Color Street store or Avon go directly to my charity Freely Love Outreach where we strive to see a society free of homelessness and hunger. We believe that the only way to do so is by being all inclusive and by meeting the people where they are at, not by having them come to us.

I have expanded my territory to include Detroit Michigan, which is 283 miles one way or about 5 hours with stops from home one way. I am currently running a GoFundMe campaign to help raise the money needed for my vehicle and trailer. I have chosen a Tesla Model Y as my first vehicle for the “Mobile Mission” fleet because it has a 500 mile range, 3500 pound tow capacity, it’s low cost to “fuel”, and I can sleep in it eliminating the cost for lodging.

You can find out more and keep up with updates of the fundraiser or even donate (just $1 can provide pads for 1 week to a woman in need), please head on over to our fundraiser Freely Love Outreach “Mobile Mission” .

Thank you all for your support. As always I am taking donations. Right now think winter warmth, because after July 29th that’s my focus.

1st trip to Detroit July 2020! These people were awesome❣️ They actually told me to take pictures of what I’m doing so more people will know about the need❣️❣️
July 2020 1st trip to Detroit
July 2020 1st trip to Detroit

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