My opinion…yes it’s war.

I was asked this evening if I “thought the civil war had started?” I responded with, “Honestly”… “I think it has.”

For the last 3 years I have been telling my love that our president would get his war. That it would be a war like we’ve never seen before. That it will be a civil uprising. That people will get mad when you start taking things away from them. That this war will be worldwide and it will definitely be like no other war this country or world has ever seen before. “Trump will get his war”, I said.

You know he doubted me…

Now I don’t think he does.

This stuff is crazy and scary and weird. People are scared and rightfully so. People are scared to be outside of their homes after 3 pm. Some people live in those streets and have no choice. Where do they go? Are you bringing them in your home to offer refuge, safety, shower, and a warm meal through all this? Are you trying to help someone other than you in all this?

Im pretty sick of all the, “All live matter” stuff. Years ago I’d say the same thing too, but I met my love and he enlightened me. We discussed it and why I felt what I did and why he felt what he did. I decided that most moral stance on this subject matter is, Black Lives Matter. Congratulations peaceful Black Lives Matter activists for working diligently to enlighten those of us who have been taught that this stuff doesn’t exist anymore. To enlighten those of us who didn’t have access to the world around us.

Thank you everyone who spoke up years ago and kept fighting because now I understand that moms were fearing their babies walking outside to play. I mean I always wondered why people treated people with other skin colors badly, because we all are created equally. But, I had really hoped we were all being treated the same in this country, but I was young, I’ve grown and become enlightened. I knew it was wrong, didn’t know it was happening.

What I’ve come to realize is this one thing; “all lives cannot matter until black lives matter”. And we as a society need to understand that and stop undermining the movement. It is a clear and inherent fact to everyone that “All lives matter”, we shouldn’t need a reminder of that, we already know it. What we can’t seem to figure out is that black lives matter, and black lives are being stolen every day.

Someone’s dad, brother, son, uncle is senselessly taken away by a white man with an ego and anger management issues. A monster takes another’s life with his own hands. I never want to hear again “well we don’t know what he did!” That is disgusting!

I mean c’mon! We watched a man be murdered by cops on someone’s cell phone video for crying out loud! How does anyone even try to remotely justify or defend that white man?! You make me sick if you do! Just know that.

George Floyd was the straw that broke the camels back in this society built on taking advantage of the black and brown skinned people, it’s time it stopped already. He was the person that pushed this society over the edge. His death, no his murder is a horrible dark spot on our history. It is the day that not only was another black man killed at the hands of a white man, it was the day that society decided to say;


Enough is enough!

We will not tolerate hate anymore!

They’ve done it in the forms of chanting, dancing, laying, kneeling, sitting. They’ve done it with “I can’t breath” on their masks. They’ve done it with tear gas being fired, such an unnecessary move (I’ve watched hours and hours of protest almost every single one is peaceful until tear gas shows up). They’ve done it while being shot at with rubber bullets. They’ve not backed down.

It only grows stronger and louder. What we must realize here is when the camels back broke it exposed the ugly truth about systemic racism in this country. It’s making people angry because well, simply put, the truth hurts.

Systemic racism is a major problem in this country. We must put an end to it. We must not ask the protestors or looters or rioters to stop. They must be heard. In every war their is casualties. We don’t want to see the destruction and “innocent” people being hurt, but it’s happening daily to our black and brown brothers and sisters daily. We should all be thankful we don’t live in a country to where all we’ve know is days like this.

But if history has taught us anything wars for basic equal civil rights for all are a necessary and beneficial part of a civilized society.

The unrest and the anger that is all around right now is totally justified. Until we are all truly free and equal we cannot be silent. If your skin is the “right” color (you know what I’m taking about white people), then you cannot sit idly by while our black brothers and sisters are being murdered.

I will not say “innocent black man” because there is no life innocent or guilty that is deserving of being ended by the hands of another human being. All person, no matter where they came from, are deserving of God’s compassion, grace, and love fully given through us, just as he gives to us.

Systemic racism is real and is unjustifiable. We cannot continue to hold our black brothers and sisters down. We must stand united! We have to be their voice.

Have you ever heard of “being the voice for the powerless; for the little guy?” I am sure you have. So please white people refuse to be silent. Challenge authority. It’s time to stop the oppression and racism that infiltrates our “justice” system.

Men and women fought valiantly and lost their lives so, “ALL MEN” could be “EQUAL”. What a shame we are bringing to them.

To all of you who insist on “All Lives Matter” I ask you evaluate why it is so important that you remind people of something they already know.

To all of the pro-lifers who aren’t protesting or speaking out, why not? Isn’t this the kind of thing you live for? Defending the sanctity of life for all persons? You do understand there is a very BIG and REAL difference between pro-life and pro-birth. If you’re out blowing up abortion clinics yet staying silent in Black Lives Matter then you are a bigger part of the problem than you think. Pro-life cannot mean you get to pick-and-choose which lives are worthy of saving. The choice cannot be life of an unborn child, or the life of a black man being violently stolen in a fit of rage for simply “making” the “mistake” of being black. For me the question isn’t which life matters more, just which life can we honestly save in the exact moment we are in?

If you don’t understand right now why supporting Black Lives Matter is the right thing to do, then please educate yourself. Maybe go visit some black people and truly find out what life is like for them. Maybe try making a human connection, and then try using empathy.

Love your neighbor as yourself is the golden rule…

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