All to See Him Smile

Today everything I did was completely intentional just to see him smile. 16 years ago he graced this world with his presence and it hasn’t been the same since. I am pretty certain that in 16 more years he’ll be that civil rights attorney or politician helping to write the laws that change our futures.

He is amazingly smart. He is kind and compassionate. He is funny and can brighten any room he enters. He is a gift to any who know him. He is going places and I cannot wait to see where he ends up.

Today we had banana sandwiches for second breakfast and “Krabby Patties” for lunch. I tried to incorporate all of his favorite today. We had scratch made carrot cake, a nacho bar, and tacos. The amount of effort it takes to pull off 3 meals, a trip 45 minutes up north to the grocery store, shopping, and then travel back, 2-3 stops to find that last minute request, scratch made patties, scratch made pina colada smoothies, nacho bar and tacos, and a handmade carrot cake all in one day is huge.

It is all made worth it when I hear, “This is a really fun birthday. Thanks mom!”. My little guy is taller than me, but I still call him my little guy. To me he will always be my little guy. The 16 years I have gotten to know him and the 8 I’ve gotten to be his mom have been really blessed.

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