Clearly Medicare For All is a good thing…Trump even thinks so!

All of a sudden everyone in this country loves Medicare For All…because it’s taking care of the Coronavirus.

See the problem?

It took a world wide pandemic to show you all that we deserve universal health care.

Christians, Jesus would love Medicare For All. He was the first universal healthcare provider.

Let’s be clear though on this, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are just piggy backing off of Bernie Sanders ideas. They shouldn’t be implementing someone else’s idea. If they were in school they’d be in trouble for plagiarism…plagiarism isn’t just stealing someone’s work, it’s stealing their thoughts or ideas and claiming them as your own.

So vote for Bernie Sanders in 2020. He has had all these policies in mind and fighting for them since college. There is documented proof of it. You can go to YouTube and search Bernie Sanders healthcare and you’ll see so many videos documenting his history on this.

You know my wait time to see a doctor now is sometimes 8-9months by then I could be dead or better, either way I didn’t get the healthcare I needed when I need it.

Long waits aren’t just because of a single payer healthcare system in countries like Canada (I’m not sold on the long waits there), but even if it is true. The ultimate problem is this…WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH DOCTORS. Why is that? (The answer will be in another post. Yep you have to tune back in.)

You know not enough doctors makes wait times higher, not single payer health system. And if it is because of the single payer health system that’s because everyone can go to a doctor when they want…which leads me back to…not enough doctors per capita anywhere in the world.

I have to speak to Christians again, cause I am one. How come every time God knows the world needs to be changed He sends a Jew and the world rejects that Jew? I’m just curious. I’m not saying that Bernie is perfect, but his core beliefs are Jesus like.



Jesus=healing the sick



Jesus loves women and children and the poor!

Bernie Sanders is running on all those things. He’s no Jesus, but he is a Jew trying to clean up the mess we have made. Jesus was a human being who chose to live perfectly, not that it was easy. He came when God needed to fix the mess. Bernie needs to come and fix the mess. He’s been trying for over 40years to, now give him the chance to make this world a better place.

Ask yourselves this Christians…if Jesus was standing next to you would be be happy with your choice to commit the sin of omission?

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