Why you should vote for Joe Biden…

This may come to a shock for you, but clearly I must vote for Joe Biden you see. If we truly want this country to be great and things to make sense we must have Joe Biden as our president. I mean c’mon he’s given us so many wonderful things, but especially funny memes.

He’s known for being Obama’s friend, but is he your friend? Of course he is, he’s Joe Biden…he’s everybody’s friend. Just ask all the ladies that he has sniffed their hair. I mean just ask all the ladies and they’ll just tell you how much they love Joe. Go on, just ask.

Don’t be surprised if they tell you one of their favorite things about Joe is the pet names he calls them at work. They love it, just ask them. You’ll see.

Speaking of women have you heard about his wonderful Violence Against Women Act? No?, you must! He wrote it as a senator. President Bill Clinton signed it into law on September 13, 1994. I bet you can guess by the name that violent crimes against women are being taken more seriously. I’m so glad this law does that. Oh! It also protects women from female genital mutilation. Thank goodness those 500,000+ women in the USA are finally protected.

Vote for Joe because sitting on the sidelines in spirit with the black people instead of marching with them was the safer choice. He knows how to get things done behind the scenes. Even if he doesn’t participate, things still get done.

Vote for Joe because like the rest of us he can’t put a sentence together to save his life. I mean I struggle too…

Vote for Joe cause big money supports him.

Sure go ahead fact check me. My facts are correct.

When you find that my facts are true, you’re going to be shocked to find the reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Joe Biden. VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) is not what he claims it to be. He claims that it was this wonderful thing that they did for women, but I do not agree with Mr. Biden.

You see Mr. Biden as a women that should have been protected by this act I was not. You see the law protects men who hit their women more than you realize. Do you know that in my state each party involved can be taken to jail, there is no thing as self-defense. Can you imagine that? The reality is I had to choose between going to jail at the same time as me then husband just so he might get in trouble,the possibility I might get in trouble for calling the police too, or being home for my children. What kind of choice is that really? If you can get in trouble for someone hitting you, that is messed up.

Someone please tell Joe that VAWA is not as good as he thinks. It does not protect women from FGM (female genital mutilation) in this country. Something like 513,000 women in America are subject to this barbaric inhumane practice. FGM should be outlawed!

Same sex couples are not protected by this. Something that has been removed by conservatives and is being kept out by the very same party our current president is in. They are essentially saying that same sex couples do not commit domestic violence because they are the same sex. I am sorry violence at home no matter if its woman-on-woman or man-on-man is in fact domestic violence. If there is violence in the relationship, then there is domestic violence, and a need to protect everyone from violence no matter their sexual orientation.

I am glad to say that it is true that transgendered WOMEN are included in the protections of this bill, but it is not enough. Just like it is not enough that Joe sat on the sidelines and did not march with the causes of the black people. Just because he worked in “their” pools, he was “aware” of their “causes”, “…but I did not march…”. How is that truly him getting things done? If he was getting things done he’d been marching in the streets.

Joe Biden like our current president have women stepping forward to say that he isn’t what you think he is, he did this to me. I am sorry, but I cannot read their stories, their stories will trigger my story and I am quite frankly trying to stay away from my triggers. I feel for all the women who step up to speak openly against men of such great money and power. I am sadden that we still live in a society where when a woman steps up and speaks out against their abusers, that their character is the one in question not the attacker. The accuser is always more demonized than the attacker.

In our country old white men who believe that “the body has a way of shutting that whole thing down” when it comes to babies being conceived by rape. White men who think that it is okay to say things like, “Why didn’t she come forward sooner?” By the way that white man is the most powerful man in the world right now, the president of the USA literally said that on national television.

How does this say to women in this country that when they step up they’ll be taken seriously? It doesn’t it confirms everything that is wrong in this country when it comes to crimes against women. Rape is just a laughing matter, men can touch women when and where they want, and women have no right according to those very same lawmakers to get justice when these things are done. They literally get to write the very laws that protect them from being brought to justice in this country, and if they don’t write the laws they pay someone to do it for them.

Let us also take a moment to talk about Biden’s healthcare plan. What it does is expand Obamacare. If you didn’t and don’t like Obamacare why vote for Biden? I mean seriously Obamacare has so many problems.

Biden wants you to choose your plan that you can afford and then give you coverage according to that coverage that you can afford. Think about that really. If a minimum wage worker cannot afford rent what makes you think they can afford insurance? They can’t. So they’ll buy the lowest coverage possible, still rack up a ton of medical debt, still have to choose when its “affordable” to go to the doctor, and still left with the very same fears and worries they already have. Under Biden not, everyone will be able to “afford” insurance or really be covered, the same way it is now.

We all know someone, for whatever reason isn’t covered already by Obamacare or anything else, simply because they were ineligible in some way. Why should we vote for someone who wants to expand it by $750 billion?

For me it is a moral thing that women are protected equally under the law. It is a moral thing that everyone has healthcare. Healthcare is a right not a privileged. It is a moral thing that I cannot in no way support the democrat version of President Trump.

For me it is a moral thing not to vote for Joe Biden.

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